College Media Passes

Guidelines and application

We are honored and extremely grateful for your interest in covering our event. However, due to space limitations, credentials will be limited to qualified working media only. We are asking all media to request credentials for the event, and requests will be reviewed one week prior to the event. Emails for approvals will be sent out Friday, Dec. 3rd by 7:00 PM, EST.

“Tier-One” List Media will be granted passes and baseline media seating based on national hierarchy: i.e.: ESPN Magazine, Sports Illustrated, USA Today, etc. Baseline photos and videos will be permitted on a case-by-case basis.

“Tier-Two” List Media will be limited to passes and upper-level media seating. For more access, tickets need to be purchased.


The deadline for media requests has passed. We hope to see you next year for Holiday Hoopsgiving 2022!